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Publicerad: 2015.03.27  •  
Senast uppdaterad: 2015.03.27
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The development of commerce – facts and trends

Svensk Handel actively monitors and provides information on issues affecting trade and commerce. In addition to spreading factual information, we strive to increase knowledge of the industry through analysis and investigation. Part of our work forming opinion also involves assembling relevant facts.

Every year, Svensk Handel teams up with HUI Research to compile a range of reports on trade and commerce issues, including forecasts and analysis regarding industry development. In addition, we also carry out surveys on target and client groupings ahead of various cultural events and festivals.

HUI Research

HUI Research is a leading institution for research within wholesale and retail trade. HUI Research's studies include reports providing analysis on turnover, faith in the future and attitudes among actors within trade and commerce, among other things, while it also publishes a number of public reports on trade-related topics on an annual basis.

Moreover, HUI Research carries out industry-specific analysis focusing on turnover, corporate structure and profitability, as well as compiling extensive trade development forecasts across different industries as well as the Swedish economy as a whole. Learn more about HUI Research.