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Introduction to Swedish labour law

This course is an introduction to labour law and is intended to give HR-personnel and employees in management positions an overview of Swedish labour law. The intention is to give the participants guidelines on how to handle the legislation and the regulations of the collective bargaining agreements in practice. The course comprise the basics of Swedish labour law such as which employment form should be used when hiring and how and when an employment may be terminated by the employer. The participants will be given several possibilities to discuss and share experiences. .

This course is intended for HR-personnel, and other personnel in a management role who work with employment matters, in need of basic knowledge of the Swedish labour law. The course is given at a basic level and no specific prior knowledge is required.

Du lär dig

  • The process of hiring employees
  • The discrimination acts
  • The employer's obligation to consult with trade unions
  • Termination of emloyments (individual terminations and redundancies)
  • The rules regarding working hours
  • The employee's right to leave of absence (parental leave, studies and annual leave)


  • 15 Mar 2018 09:00 - 17:00, Stockholm Boka


Medlemspris 3500 kronor. Övriga betalar 4900 kronor.