EuroCommerce- Svensk Handel in Brussels

EU legislation is affecting the circumstances under which Swedish commercial enterprises run their businesses to an ever increasing extent. Among other endeavours, Svensk Handel works tirelessly to advance the interests of Swedish commerce within the EU through EuroCommerce, an EU umbrella organisation representing European commercial enterprises operating within retail and wholesale commerce, in addition to import companies and distributors.

EuroCommerce's members include both European and domestic trade organisations from around 30 nations and commercial enterprises across the continent. EuroCommerce constitutes an open platform encouraging dialogue between the labour market's various parties. This is a forum which allows parties across the board to voice their opinions, as well as make recommendations and suggestions on a range of issues, in turn exerting influence on EU decision making process.

Committees and working groups

Svensk Handel is represented by Karin Johansson, Svensk Handel's CEO. Svensk Handel also has representatives sitting on EuroCommerce's committees and working groups.

Stefan Kvarfordt
Publicerad: 2015.03.27 Senast uppdaterad: 2015.03.27