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As a Svensk Handel member, you enjoy access to services, expert assistance and a wide range of benefits – devised exclusively in order to boost and sharpen your competitive edge. Svensk Handel is tasked with creating the best conditions possible for commercial enterprises both large and small, by negotiating advantageous contracts, working towards simplified regulations and helping with rental negotiations and issues around customs and security, among other things.

All commercial enterprises registered in Sweden are welcome to become a member of Svensk Handel. Our members benefit from all of the important information affecting employers, as well as gaining unrestricted access to our team of experts who can provide help and advice on employment law issues. We also keep you regularly informed about changes in legislation, contracts and regulations.

Support with negotiation

Our team of negotiators can provide support in the event of disputes. Such disputes could involve central negotiations, MBL (the Swedish Industrial Codetermination Act) or wage negotiations. In addition, our members also receive free judicial assistance for all employment law disputes in district court, the labour court or an arbitration tribunal, for example.

Membership benefits

As a member with us, your company gains access to a broad range of support and services helping you in your daily business. It pays to be a member. In addition to our suite of services, our members also enjoy a number of other benefits within the following areas: card and cash processing, cash registers, marketing, accounting services, security and insurance.

Instant Response

Our members are welcome to telephone the Svensk Handel Instant Response advisory service and consult with us on any of the areas in which we work – everything from employers' service and security issues to enquiries regarding import, training and corporate establishment. We guarantee our member companies an instant response – Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 17.00.

  • Employers' service: +46 (0)10 471 87 00
    Issues around employment law, working environment, contracts and employment law negotiations or process. We can also help if you are considering ordering customised training solutions for your company.

  • Security enquiries: +46(0)10-47 18 680 
    Enquires around security services, alarm systems, fire precautions or crime statistics, for example. .

  • Rental enquiries: +46 (0)10 471 87 10
    Legal advice on the rental of premises.

  • Insurance enquiries: +46 (0)10 471 87 70
    Help and advice regarding our advantageous insurance policies covering health care, pension, and protection of your company.

Become a member

Give us a call +46 10-47 18 520 or send an email to medlem@svenskhandel.se

Member Guide

What do I get? What should I be aware of? What do I need to do? 
Read about why membership is a good thing (PDF)

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